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Astronomy Ireland magazine is a highly regarded monthly magazine, containing the latest news from space and the heavens, as well as articles of enduring interest and a list of the events coming to a sky near you. The magazine is sent out each month to their members, and is also available in newsagents throughout the country and via postal subscription.

 Carrycam consists of 2 hooks attached to the camera, hanging on a pair of rings connected to the shoulder straps of the backpack and allows camera/binoculars to be carried through the backpack and no longer through the neck.
A faire-trade and environmentally responsible company: Carrycam is produced in France,,from recycled materials, in partnership with companies from the social and solidarity economy and Fablabs. Each piece is unique.

ESO - European Southern Observatory. 

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) enables scientists worldwide to discover the secrets of the Universe for the benefit of all. We design, build and operate world-class observatories on the ground — which astronomers use to tackle exciting questions and spread the fascination of astronomy — and promote international collaboration in astronomy. Established as an intergovernmental organisation in 1962, today ESO is supported by 16 Member States (Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom), along with the host state of Chile and with Australia as a Strategic Partner. ESO’s headquarters and its visitor centre and planetarium, the ESO Supernova, are located close to Munich in Germany, while the Chilean Atacama Desert, a marvellous place with unique conditions to observe the sky, hosts our telescopes. ESO operates three observing sites: La Silla, Paranal and Chajnantor. At Paranal, ESO operates the Very Large Telescope and its Very Large Telescope Interferometer, as well as two survey telescopes, VISTA working in the infrared and the visible-light VLT Survey Telescope. Also at Paranal ESO will host and operate the Cherenkov Telescope Array South, the world’s largest and most sensitive gamma-ray observatory. Together with international partners, ESO operates APEX and ALMA on Chajnantor, two facilities that observe the skies in the millimetre and submillimetre range. At Cerro Armazones, near Paranal, we are building “the world’s biggest eye on the sky” — ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope. From our offices in Santiago, Chile we support our operations in the country and engage with Chilean partners and society. 

Nestled between the Nephin Mountains and the sublime unspoiled Atlantic coast, the Mayo Reserve Black Sky Reserve covers 150 km2 and allows you to admire the miracles of the night sky. The geographical location of the reserve gives it natural protection against pollution. On a clear night, it is possible to see, with the naked eye, more than 4,500 twinkling stars, to admire other planets of our solar system, to marvel at the Milky Way and the showers of meteors.


Main French retailer of binoculars, microscopes, loupes, terrestrial telescopes and astronomical instruments. The origin of this activity dates back to the 50s, when Jean MEDAS developed marketing of amateur telescopes, along with binoculars, spotting scopes, and even microscopes and binocular loupes to take off season store personnel, after a eyeglass manufacturing test.

Launched in 2004, PixWays was created to serve professional photography, with 2 major services:  PixPalace, historically the first service, quickly became the first French platform for photo agencies with nearly one hundred agencies, photographers' collectives and museum collections offering more than 80 million photos to buyers in the press, publishing, communication and corporate sectors. For the past 10 years, another service, PixTrakk, has been offering content providers, photo agencies, photographers and illustrators, a service to monitor the use of their images in the French print media. The service has been further developed with the tracing of visuals on the web - millions of sites are thus traced every day - and the possibility of benefiting, without advance payment, from specialised legal services in the event of fraudulent use of images.


The result of the meeting of two passionate about adventure and photography, the Renardo & Puffinou agency aims to be unique by offering unique photo trips where wonder and sharing are at the heart. Each stay is the result of our experience and a taste for adventure. Only a few dates per year at handpicked destinations.

Convinced that each of us lies dormant in curiosity, the need for adventure and the need to get back to basics, we have designed stays based on these principles.

"Happiness is only real if it is shared" Through them, we invite you to experience what has marked us. Whether it is landscapes, places, people, we have taken the greatest care to ensure that you can keep an unforgettable memory of this trip.

Sony Corporation is responsible for the Electronic Products and Solutions (EP&S) business within the Sony Group. With the ambition to "continue to provide Kando (emotion through entertainment) and Anshin (peace of mind) through technology and innovative projects", Sony creates products and services in areas such as sound and entertainment, image and mobile communications.

Compétence Photo

the magazine on the practice of photography and shooting. It offers a didactic approach, for beginners in photography as well as experienced amateurs. Practical sheets, steps ...

Fisheye Magazine is a bimonthly magazine dedicated to the global news of photography on the economic, aesthetic, cultural, technical and sociological levels founded in July 2013 by Benoît Baume. Fisheye created in October 2016 a photography gallery, the Fisheye Gallery, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris and in 2019 in Arles.

Paris Match is a French weekly news and image magazine, born in 1949 and known by its motto: "The weight of words, the shock of photos". In 2008, however, the weekly adopted a new motto, "Life is a true story". Since June 2009, the weekly is also available in digital format.



Sciences et Avenir

Every month, SCIENCES ET AVENIR - LA RECHERCHE magazine gives an exhaustive vision of the scientific news in France and in the World.

With a journalistic approach and a positive, responsible and operational tone, SCIENCES ET AVENIR - LA RECHERCHE  provides an indispensable culture

for understanding, forecasting and acting.

For 70 years Picto has been a reference for image professionals. Photo laboratory founded in 1950 by Pierre Gassmann, humanist personality and friend of the great photographers of his time, Picto is a specialist in the graphic chain, combining craftsmanship and new technologies.

Opened to passengers on 25 February 1867, the year of the Universal Exhibition, the Montrouge-Ceinture station was part of the first rail network linking the various districts of the capital. Deserted by Parisians because of the growing competition from the metro, the line was closed to passenger traffic in 1934. In May 2014, the municipality of the 14th arrondissement, its mayor Pascal Cherki and Paris Habitat chose to entrust Renaud Barillet, Fabrice Martinez and their Cultplace factory with the creation of this new hybrid and innovative space, where active, cultural and neighbourhood life intertwine on a daily basis.

Association Française d'Astronomie - founding member of the PNA

Every day, events remind us how the values we believe in are eternally topical. A lay association, centered on popular education, the French Astronomical Association (AFA) works for the empowerment of people through training in critical thinking and knowledge dissemination. Access for all to scientific culture, information, knowledge is our mission, our will. We want it to be as yours.  We brainstorm and work hand in hand with many partners, stakeholders and members of our association.