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Main French retailer of binoculars, microscopes, loupes, terrestrial telescopes and astronomical instruments. The origin of this activity dates back to the 50s, when Jean MEDAS developed marketing of amateur telescopes, along with binoculars, spotting scopes, and even microscopes and binocular loupes to take off season store personnel, after a eyeglass manufacturing test.

Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve

Alqueva is the first site in the world to receive the “Starlight Tourism Destination” certification. This certification, awarded by the Starlight Foundation is supported by UNESCO, UNWTO and IAC. Starlight destinations are visitable places characterized by excellent quality for the contemplation of starry skies, and the practice of tourist activities based on this resource.

The region of the Great Lake Alqueva in Alentejo, Portugal is a wonderful place to see the stars, constellations and distant galaxies such as the Milky Way. The unique characteristics of the night sky with a very low rate of light pollution, in the municipalities of Alandroal, Reguengos, Monsaraz, Mourão, Barrancos, Portel and Moura ensure the ideal conditions for an excellent observation of the dark sky. In Alqueva the sky has good atmospheric conditions for stargazing most of the year. Such skies are disappearing in Europe, where most of the population has no longer the privilege to observe an unpolluted sky.


Located at an altitude of 1000 m in the heights of Saint-Louis, the Astronomical Observatory of the Plaine des Makes will make you discover in a pleasant setting, what astronomy is.

The idea of an Observatory at Les Makes dates back to 1986, when Halley's comet passed. The village of Les Makes had a number of characteristics: discreet public lighting, clear sky and clear at night, reduced atmospheric turbulence, possibilities of accommodation in the village.

Thanks to these assets, the Astronomical Association of Réunion (A.A.R.), also founded in 1986, was able to obtain the collaboration of the municipality of Saint-Louis. The latter found great interest in developing this part of the Hauts de la commune. Work on the Observatory began on October 13, 1990 and was completed on September 20, 1991. The inauguration took place the next day in the presence of the very media HUBERT REEVES.

From the following year, an extension was necessary, including among others two work rooms. The inauguration took place on May 23, 1998 in the presence of the famous André BRAHIC, French specialist in planets, and Isabelle GRENIER, astrophysicist in Saclay. The Makes Observatory is managed by the A.G.O.R.A (Management Association of the Reunion Astronomical Observatory).

Nestled between the Nephin Mountains and the sublime unspoiled Atlantic coast, the Mayo Reserve Black Sky Reserve covers 150 km2 and allows you to admire the miracles of the night sky. The geographical location of the reserve gives it natural protection against pollution. On a clear night, it is possible to see, with the naked eye, more than 4,500 twinkling stars, to admire other planets of our solar system, to marvel at the Milky Way and the showers of meteors.

In an exciting collaboration between Cork City Council, the Cork Institute of Technology and a private benefactor, Blackrock Castle was re opened to the public in November 2007 as CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, the Space for Science.

Their mission is to promote science, engineering and technology in Ireland as a centre of excellence in scientific research, education and outreach.

The result of the meeting of two passionate about adventure and photography, the Renardo & Puffinou agency aims to be unique by offering unique photo trips where wonder and sharing are at the heart. Each stay is the result of our experience and a taste for adventure. Only a few dates per year at handpicked destinations.

Convinced that each of us lies dormant in curiosity, the need for adventure and the need to get back to basics, we have designed stays based on these principles.

"Happiness is only real if it is shared" Through them, we invite you to experience what has marked us. Whether it is landscapes, places, people, we have taken the greatest care to ensure that you can keep an unforgettable memory of this trip.

YellowKorner was created in 2006 by two friends, Alexandre de Metz and Paul-Antoine Briat, passionate about photography since their childhood. From this meeting arose an idea and an ambition: To make fine art photography accessible to all and to make YellowKorner the leading publisher of fine art photography.

The concept is therefore a very simple equation: instead of offering 10 prints at 5,000 euros, YellowKorner chooses to publish 1,000 to 50 euros while maintaining impeccable quality on the prints, the finishes and the choice of photographers.

Launched in 2004, PixWays was created to serve professional photography

We provide digital services to photographic and video agencies, as well as to clients in the media sector, from which our team comes from. PixPalace, historically our first service, has become the leader in the French digital market of professional photography and video with over a hundred agencies offering over 45 million pictures and videos to thousands of regular buyers from the press, the edition and communication agencies. For 5 years, we have been offering to content providers our PixTrakk service of tracking usage of their pictures in the printed press. The tracking is done in over a thousand French publications. As an extension to this service, PixTrakk now offers you the possibility to track down your photos on the web and the possibility to benefit from our legal services for the collection procedure of any fraudulent use of your photographs.

PixWays also organises PixDay, the professional fair in Paris for buyers and sellers of images and videos.

ESO - European Southern Observatory. 

ESO is the foremost intergovernmental astronomy organisation in Europe and the world’s most productive ground-based astronomical observatory by far. It is supported by 15 countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. ESO carries out an ambitious programme focused on the design, construction and operation of powerful ground-based observing facilities enabling astronomers to make important scientific discoveries. ESO also plays a leading role in promoting and organising cooperation in astronomical research. ESO operates three unique world-class observing sites in Chile: La Silla, Paranal and Chajnantor. At Paranal, ESO operates the Very Large Telescope, the world’s most advanced visible-light astronomical observatory and two survey telescopes. VISTA works in the infrared and is the world’s largest survey telescope and the VLT Survey Telescope is the largest telescope designed to exclusively survey the skies in visible light. ESO is the European partner of a revolutionary astronomical telescope ALMA, the largest astronomical project in existence. ESO is currently planning the 39-metre European Extremely Large optical/near-infrared Telescope, the E-ELT, which will become “the world’s biggest eye on the sky”.

Optolong Optics Co.,ltd is the brand owner of optolong who is a manufacturer of astronomy filters, fluorescence filters. We also offer other interference filters like UV filters, visible filters and Near inferred filters, beam splitter, anti-reflection coating and optical mirrors as a OEM service.

Located in Kunming city in China which is one of the four optics center and the coating experience of 18 years (since 1999) enable us to design and produce the filters with most sophisticated spectrum. We are glad to declare that Optolong has been become the first and only non-replaceable brand for astronomical filters in China. Optolong brand is also known as the comparable filters with international brand by distributor client around the world.

Astronomy Ireland magazine is a highly regarded monthly magazine, containing the latest news from space and the heavens, as well as articles of enduring interest and a list of the events coming to a sky near you. The magazine is sent out each month to their members, and is also available in newsagents throughout the country and via postal subscription.

Compétence Photo

the magazine on the practice of photography and shooting. It offers a didactic approach, for beginners in photography as well as experienced amateurs. Practical sheets, steps ...

Sciences et Avenir

Every month, SCIENCES ET AVENIR - LA RECHERCHE magazine gives an exhaustive vision of the scientific news in France and in the World.

With a journalistic approach and a positive, responsible and operational tone, SCIENCES ET AVENIR - LA RECHERCHE  provides an indispensable culture

for understanding, forecasting and acting.


Fisheye Magazine is a bimonthly magazine dedicated to the global news of photography on the economic, aesthetic, cultural, technical and sociological levels founded in July 2013 by Benoît Baume. Fisheye created in October 2016 a photography gallery, the Fisheye Gallery, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris and in 2019 in Arles.



Paris Match is a French weekly news and image magazine, born in 1949 and known by its motto: "The weight of words, the shock of photos". In 2008, however, the weekly adopted a new motto, "Life is a true story". Since June 2009, the weekly is also available in digital format.



For 70 years Picto has been a reference for image professionals. Photo laboratory founded in 1950 by Pierre Gassmann, humanist personality and friend of the great photographers of his time, Picto is a specialist in the graphic chain, combining craftsmanship and new technologies.

Association Française d'Astronomie - founding member of the PNA

Every day, events remind us how the values we believe in are eternally topical. A lay association, centered on popular education, the French Astronomical Association (AFA) works for the empowerment of people through training in critical thinking and knowledge dissemination. Access for all to scientific culture, information, knowledge is our mission, our will. We want it to be as yours.  We brainstorm and work hand in hand with many partners, stakeholders and members of our association.