"This first Festival NightScapades, an event that is resolutely off the beaten track, and in which will be telescope, big bang, arts and science to better reveal all the colors of the night around the iconic practice of photography nocturnal ... This is a major and unifying event for all our territory. "


excerpt from the inaugural address of Mme Le Mayor of Lourdes, J. Bourdeu

International festival from 18 to 21 juillet 2019

NightScapades, contraction of the English words "nightscape" and "escapade", is the first international festival of astronomical iconography, nocturnal landscapes and astrophotography in France.


This scientific, cultural and artistic festival, open to all, aims to give access to a wide public, to works

and documents of quality in the fields of photography and astronomy: nocturnal landscapes, timelapses, rare iconography of private or institutional observatories, but also of literature, music, painting, street art, projections...


On the occasion of the 50 years of the first step on our natural satellite, the theme of this second edition will be the Moon