The artists presented

Non-exhaustive list updated regularly.

The photographers:

- Luc Perrot (France) The Sky of Réunion

- Stéphane Vetter (France), Icelandic Auroraes..

- Julien Mauve (France), Greeting from Mars.

- Cyril Entzman (France), The Snow at Night.

- Christophe Cieslar (France), Lourdes by Night.

- Jean-François Gaffrand (France), The Pic Today.

- Sergio Montufar (Guatemala), Mayan Cosmology.

- Alan Knox (Ecosse), Universal sympathy.

- Juliette Agnel (France), The Pyrenees.

- Rogelio Bernal Andreo (USA), Celestial Dust.

- Johannes Schedler (Autriche), Nuances.

- Exposition éducative : "Where are we?"


International Photo Prize :

- Photo Nightscape Awards, 5th edition.



- Comparative exhibition of photos of Mars by Hirise and the Earth by Thomas Pesquet

- Provision of graffiti walls (Street art).



"Maximiliana or the illegal exercise of astronomy", Max Ernst and Iliazd.

- Manchu (France), illustrator specializing in science fiction.



- The Compagnie des Musiques Télescopiques.

- LightSpeed Concert - Partnership between La clef des Chants (Benoît Reeves) and Chasseurs de Nuits.


New technologies :

- Video games (pokemon, Kerbal Space program…).


- Virtual reality.



- Programming of films around the theme organized by PARVIS, Scène Nationale.



- Educational workshops around photography, astronomy, sustainable development.
- Workshop on the creation of a nocturnal landscape and night out supervised by photographers.
- Observation evening organized by the Astro Club Lourdais.