The international festival of astrophotography and nocturnal landscapes, organized by Chasseurs de Nuits and sponsored by the Montier-en-Der wildlife and nature photography festival, will take place for its first edition from 16th to 19th November 2017.

On the initiative of the think thank Chasseurs de Nuits, NightScapades, contraction of the English words "nightscape" and "escapade", is the first international festival of nocturnal landscapes and astrophotography in France. NightScapades is an invitation to travel among the stars, to (re)discover the night through various media.


This scientific, cultural and artistic festival, open to all, aims to give access to a wide public, to works

and documents of quality in the fields of photography and astronomy: nocturnal landscapes, timelapses, rare iconography of private or institutional observatories, but also of literature, music, painting, street art, projections...

Its aim is to make accessible and democratize the iconography of heaven and celestial objects. The exhibitions will be accessible to as many people as possible. The images, documents, works may be displayed in one or more emblematic places of the city, indoors and/or outdoors. In order to truly meet the public and democratize at best the night, this festival wants to be recurrent and international. Recurring in France first, settling in a city wishing to develop a new festival, fun, cultural and scientific.

International then, by honoring every year a country, inviting foreign structures to make themselves known in France, and then exporting its editions abroad.

For its first edition, the NightScapades festival will be sponsored by Montier-en-Der International Festival of Animal and Landscape Photography. It will take place from November 16th to 19th, 2017, at the Lucie Lebon Foundation in Montier-en-Der.

Photo Nightscape Awards

Le PNA – Photo Nightscape Awards , concours international de paysages nocturnes–, créé par Franck Séguin, exposera les vainqueurs de sa 4ème édition mettant en avant la créativité des photographes de paysages nocturnes des photographes du monde entier. 


Des stands seront proposées à la location à des professionnels de la photo astro, à des laboratoires, des clubs d’astronomie, des agences de voyages… afin de présenter tout à la fois des images, des stages, des formations, des voyages… un ensemble cohérent autour du paysage nocturne et de l’astrophotographie.


Deux ou trois mini-conférences seront proposées au public sous le chapiteau. Une table ronde autour de Thomas Pesquet (sous réserve de sa venue) et d’un exobiologiste, modérée par Alain Cirou, directeur de l’Association Française d’Astronomie.