Participation in the PNA

This year, the Photo NightScape Awards, managed by the association Chasseurs de Nuits, answers one of your main requests, to participate with several photos by category. For this we need a small financial contribution to help us develop the price.


The participation is fixed at 5 euros (to be paid before the sending of the first photos) to be able to send a photo by category and by author, and 1,5 euros by additional photo within the limit of 5 images (whatever the category). This gives you the opportunity to send 6 of your most beautiful photographs of the year.


Here's an example: Jessica wants to send 6 photos. She participates in the 5 euros file fee giving her the right to send 1 picture in the three adult category and add 3 x 1.50 euros for additional photo for a total of 9.50 euros.


Or Jessica can participate in one category by participating in the fee of 5 euros and 5 x 1.50 euros, for a total of 14 euros.


You just have to fill your cart below with the solution that suits you best.

Registration Fee

5 euros participation in the PNA giving the right to participate with a photo by category

5,00 €

Additional Photo

by additional photo (up to 5 additional photos)

1,50 €

Thanks for your participation. Back to Photo NightScape Awards web site.